Friday, February 24, 2012

Why Cardinal George Alanchery defended Italian People?

It is long history that Catholic Church in India is actually a slave of Roman Church and they think Syro-malabarians are meant for slavish activity if the Pope adn Italian Roman curia. So this menality of slave is very well known to White people, so they rely more on the snaskritisation process of the Syro Malabarians, who consider any recognition from the Roman curia is like a goft frm heaven. So the Itlians thorouly bluffed the cardinal and he was so foolish t justify the killings of the fishermen in Indian water. Cardinal may no gove any comfort and money to them, but he will utilise these opertunity to show that he is soebody here on Kerala. Because I have personal experiecne with him when he was in the catholic think tank, who perpetuatd clear political opinions and effort to make political parties. The catholic think tank consist of selected bishops, priest and prominnent lay people, who nurture the idea that if they have a vote bank of 10000 people in every legislative constitueny of the Kerala, they can influence the decisiosn of the giverenement and can create decision in favour of them. But this mentality of minorities are based on the Hindu coomunity's inaction and thinking of politics. The Hindus never change their attitude as the minoritiies do. So the political parties takes them for granted and impliment thsoe decision which favour the minorities. Whenever congress comes to power the major protfolios will be handled by Christians and Muslims and they make decsion in theri favour. This kind of politics and idea that christians can influence the givernment made the cardianl to make such statement. That even though you make murder if you have religious backgroun then you don't worry about the crime that you comit. This kind of similar case have beeen found in thCharly's case wher K.P. Yohannan's group employed an advocate form the supreme court to appear on behalf on him. All thes eshows the paupersim of congress and its politicla will to ttelll religious people to mind their business at the time of election. The religious people knows that they are minorities and canpt win the election without the help of other communities. But they boast like a frog, which think that it is the highest creature in the world.

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