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Marriage at your will and freedom from Religion

Marriage at your will and freedom from Religion
It is time for human being to set free himself from the clutches of religion and not from the faith in God. Freedom from Religion is a freedom derived from the right to human dignity, which is protected by the basic law on human dignity and freedom. If you want to set free from the control of religion and get marry at your will. There is a way to this in this modern society and we have done this in our lives. So I am writing this experience of us for your reading and future actions.
I was a catholic priest and left the Catholic Church and priesthood on March 25, 2010. I decided to get marry in my life after one year. So I gave matrimonial advertisement in the Malayala Manorama News paper that I was a catholic priest and prefer to have register marriage. To my surprise I received 50 proposals and I selected 10 proposals that suits my category and visited them to have a personal meeting and interview with them. I explained to every girl that I don’t want dowry but I prefer a working partner in my life. To my surprise there was strong resistance form the girl’s side that many are not ready to work after the marriage. They consider the work as a method to enter in marriage relationship. After that they are not interested in working to gain their own food and meet their expenses. They think that husband should look after them after the marriage.
At last I found a person who is ready to think differently and prefer to be my working partner in life. I didn’t have second thought and I gave my consent to that person. Now I am writing this blog along with that person. We fixed our marriage and decided to get marry through the Sub-registrar office of Kerala government. Thus we got married on August 27, 2011 in the presence of our parents and they signed as the witness to our marriage. After that we went to the St. George Catholic Church, Angamaly to have the tying of thali (Mangal sutra), which is the symbolic sign that a girl is married to a person. We prayed in front of the Alter of that Church and got the thali from the father of bridegroom and tied the thali on the neck of bride. After that we received the wedding ring from the mother of the bride and exchanged the ring to each other. All these functions were done in the presence of the family members and no priest was present in that ceremony. We decided not to call any priest to this ceremony even though they were amply present outside the church in their presbytery and corridor of the presbytery. Thus we proved that we can marry even without the consent of the Church authorities but with the consent of our parents. Actually there is no high priest other than our own parents who brought us up to this level. If so why should we call other alien priest to our most important ceremony of life. And this alien priest will perform the ceremony according to his whims and fancies without any commitment to the actions he performs in front of others. So set aside them and give priestly function to our own parents in our marriage. After all according to the Christian and Catholic belief all believers are priests only. And we have full right to perform these ceremonies in accordance to the Holy Book of Christians –BIBLE. After these ceremonies we went to Surya Hotel for marriage reception and grand party followed over there. In this way we have set a new trend for future generation to follow in their life to experience full freedom as human being by avoiding the clutches of religion and religious people in our personal life.
The civil registered marriage has more advantage and validity than the religiously solemnised marriage in the presence of priest. But we need God and faith in Him, which we can keep it in our life by praying to him either in the Church or in a convenient place. We needn’t invite a priest for this function which we can do by ourselves. After all the priests are performing these function in order to get the money and status among the people. The fear psychosis of people that the priest is needed to perform these function in right manner make things worse and they take advantage of this fear psychosis of the general public. So arise and stand in your own leg and set aside the fear to march ahead with your freedom and dignity as a human person. It gives you a peace of mind and freedom from unnecessary persecution of a religion in the name of marriage and related expenses. After the Church ceremony we went to bridegroom’s house to enter in the house with the blessing of parents. Then we had our mathuram or exchange of sweets in order to mark the new beginning of our life with sweetness. After this programme we went to the Hotel for the marriage reception. We had invited many people from our relatives and friends for this function and we had grant dinner at the hotel with all its pomp and style. We began this function of registering of our marriage at 10.30 A.M. and finished all the activities within 2.30 p.m. All the best for your new way of life and May God Bless Us All. I am uploading the pictures of these ceremonies in my facebook and orkut named K.P. Shibu and shibukalam respectively. Please visit it for your further confirmation and courage to set a new trend in your locality.
Thanking you all.
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