Friday, February 24, 2012

Religion and Politics
Many religious leaders say that politicians should not interfere in the affairs of religion. According to them the religion is the sole property of them and nobody should interfere in their affairs. If anybody want to interfere they have to undergo rigorous training and become priest and leader of that association. In this case the ordinary believer doesn’t have any say in the matters of religion, which is a public issue and concern. But all religious people can voice their politician opinion on the basis of their citizenship and complaint to the civil authority to settle the religious disputes also. So it is clear that religious leaders have clear politics and exact involvement in the affairs of politics and they even publish the pastoral letters to that effect. But the ordinary citizen and civil member of the society don’t have any say in the affairs of the religion. My simple doubt is that who made this religion as the affairs of the selected few people? Be it Muslim, Christian or Hindu, who made them more religious and advocates of the simple faith that God exists. If everybody believes in the God then all those who believe in that existence of God -be it Allah, Christ or Brahman, all have equal right to express their opinion in the matters of the religion. Therefore let not the leaders of so called religion think that they are the sole authority in the matters of religion. If they are human and can express opinion regarding Godly matters, everybody has the right to make the opinion. So let not the religious people get worry that politician or simple faithful is making the opinion regarding the matters of the religion. The other people express their opinion since there is an issue. So let us concentrate on the issue rather than person who makes the statement. I f the contentious issue is not amicable solved or answered these kinds of criticism and questions will come up later also.
The religious leaders are really worried about the controversy and controversy bring down the flow of faithful to those controversial areas. As a result the money collection is reduced, which result in the comfort and financial muscle power of the religion. The money which is collected by any firm- be it religious or secular- has to be taxed. Actually I am not in favour of the tax because it is public looting in the name of government, which doesn’t do any good to people instead it persecute the people in the name of government. The bureaucracy doesn’t do any good to people instead it just sit over the genuine issues of the people and harass them maximum. So the money collected to give salary to bureaucracy has to be reduced then only the real democracy will prevail. The public welfare activities can be funded as long as it serves the public in a well manner. Otherwise it can be eradicated and modified into new service depending on the situation.
The matter of interference of religion with politics and vice versa has to be promoted in order to maintain a good spirit of justice and morality in the society. The leaders of the both association need not be worried about the opinion of others. Let us focus on the issue and correct that issues as possible as we can. The clear faith and justice will prevail in the society.
by Shibu K.P.
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