Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bureaucratic hegemony and Commission for women

I write this blog to create awareness about the bureaucratic hegemony. Today 20/02/2012 there was news in the Surya TV that Ambika Amma, the secretary of Commission for the women, does the action in accordance with her likeness and dislikeness. This allegation was made none other than her superior person, Justice Sridevi. Sridevi made this allegation in public through surya TV and in reaction to these allegation of egoistic and non-accountable action of secretary, there was no reaction from her. Instead she resorted to the government laws which doesn’t allow her to reveal things in the public as government secretary. If such law exist for the bureaucracy for not explaining the allegation against them, such laws should be amended with immediate effect. In this level the minister Mr. M.K.Muneer has lot to do along with his colleagues in the government and legislature. We are living in the 21st century and not in the British colonial rule. During British time they had lot of things to cover up in India, So they made laws that protect their bureaucrats and supporters. Now we are a republic nation with our laws and people. If there is such laws still exist where by the bureaucrats can’t reveal their position with regard to the allegation made regarding their inaction and egoistic attitude, it is high time to change it and make the bureaucrat accountable to the public and answerable to allegation. Whom does Amika Amma think about her? Who is she? She is just servant of the public and she is not doing the duty vested on her by the simple faith of the public. Then she is not eligible to continue that position. So the concerned minister M.K. Muneer has to take action against her and remove her from that position and give a message to bureaucracy that if they don’t do their duty then they will be thrown out of the job. It is the public money that they receive as salary and other amenities. If the concerned minister along with colleagues in the government and legislature make necessary action and amend the law that deny the public at least an explanation against allegation, the reaction of the public will be very damaging. The bureaucrat will face the anger of the public and it will be determined to her life even. Here after let the bureaucracy realise that they will be asked to pay for the inaction and non-performance in the their office. I make this warning to the minister and you will be responsible for the law and order problem created by these kinds of bureaucracy in the public. Therefore it is high time to give a message to the bureaucracy that they have to do their duty and be accountable to the public. If you don’t give that message we are ready to give that message, which will be determined to her life even. Therefore you better THINK AND ACT OTHERWISE BE PREPARED TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCE. We want a transparent government which takes action against erring bureaucrats and govern us well in better way compared to last years. Otherwise there is no meaning that you continue as the representative of the general public. The politics will be different here after. YOU BEHAVE OR ELSE FACE THE COSEQUENCE.

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