Thursday, March 8, 2012

Indian National Congress and It dilemma with corruption

Dear Readers,
I would like t point out the corruption perpetuated by the Indian national congress party over the decade. From the time of Motilal Nehru to Rahul Gandhi, congress was under the family control of Nehru family. This itself perpetuated the corruption here in India due to their inability to rise upto the level of leader of common people. Even when congress is in the rule at centre, it fails to implement the projects that benefit the people of India. The recent failure in the four states election (Uttar pradesh, Punjab, Goa and Jharkand) don't teach them the lesson that their failure to contain the corruption is the prime cause for their failure. It means the congress party is in the clutches of rich person, who don't have much public support in the Indian politics. Because all people know that it is the public money that is looted by this people and they become rich by this public money. It is a well known fact here in India that trade and business is the best means to become rich. Because the government is inactive and they don't take responsibility of collecting the taxes from traders. Instead the bureaucracy is happy in getting the bribe from business people and traders along with the salary they get form the government. And the government is not in a mood to contain this menace. THE CONGRESS IS SABOTAGING THE PASSAGE OF LOKPAL BILL IN THE NAME OF MINORITY RIGHT. I AM A CHRISTIAN BUT I AM AN INDIAN. WHY THIS INDIAN GOVERNMENT WANTS TO GIVE THIS MUCH IMPORTANCE TO RELIGION MORE THAN THE INDIAN CITIZENSHIP.So it is high time for the government to disregard this kind of minority clauses and include the Indian citizen clauses in the Jan lokpal bill and pass it to make the bureaucracy accountable for the corruption that they are engaged in. By the very fact the employee in engaged in corruption means that he is not entitled to continue in the job. so all bribe taking bureaucrat should de dismissed form the service and Indian bureaucracy has to come out clean and clear to serve the people and work for the progress of the nation. If congress get this message pass the strong anti corruption law or you face eternal doom in your career an get lost form Indian territory. We don't want a party that ruin the nation and don't punish the bureaucracy for their mistake and misdeeds. ACT OR ELSE YOU GET LOST.
Shibu K.P.

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