Thursday, February 10, 2011

Violation of Human Right and Hoisitng of Sports event which culminated in the Termination of Job of Author

Dear Readers,
I have published a blog on 8th February,2011 regarding the Basic Human Right Violation and Compulsory Participation in the ASIAN CUP, Doha, Qatar as viewers. After Publishing this article and writing to various government and international agencies regarding the Human right violation masterminded by the Qatar Givernement to show their viewership to fool the Intereantional media and FIFA regarding the World Cup, the Gvernment inflenced my School to dismiss me from the job as teacher of MES Indian School. Accordingly I was given a short notice in the morning and forced exist in the afternoon itself inorder to hush up this issue being taken with Labour court and other Human Right Oraganisation in Qatar. And I am writing this blog from India, my home country. This shows that governemnt could influence the school mangement under the pretention of sponsorship law, where by the school itself have to stop functioning over there. This clearly indicate the influnece of Sponsorship laws of Qatar and Middle East, which is a draconian sword over the head of every employee and authors of various articles, which point out the expoitation of humans in this modrn world. The persons who point out the vioaltion of human right are sent out from that country. And they ensure the slavery of everyhuman over there . Thus the Arabs and persons support the slavery of Arabs continue to shine over there and enusre the slavery of others over there.
Therefore the international agency such as FIFA should reconsider its decsion of awarding the world CUP 2022 to Qatar as the hoisitng Country. The person who support the sport should raise their voice and influence the interenational agencies and other organisation to reconsider the decision of FIFA. If the Qataries can do this to a person who point out the basic human right violation of viewers in order to ensure the number of participants in the events, they will contiue to do the same to other persons in future. As the minerals deplete and Middle East money become a devalued one and food matterials cost high, the Qataries will bring more draconian laws to ensure the particiaption of viewers in the events of future. So the free citizens of future world should raise their voice against this modern slavery inflicted upon the humans beings only on the basis of money and basic need of human to have a job to meet his matterial needs. The free world, where humans express their views freely and work with full heart in order to build up a world of better humans, should be the aim of next generation. For this the present generation has to work and write against the injustice inlficted upon the humans in the name of sports and international events. And it has to be made mandatory over the International agencies that these events of Sports and other games should be given to the country, which support freedom and abolish slavery of any form. The sports and other events shouldn't be an event of compulsion and a method to perpetuate the slavery.
The world should raise their voice and force the Qatar to abolish the sponsorship law, where by they control every aspect of an expatriate in their country. The organisation which takes inhuman and anti-human right means to appease the authorities should be penalised and brought under the scrutiny. If they continue this same method of persecution, they should be stopped functioning over there. Becasue the educational institutions gives a wrong message to the students of future generation that the students once become the captians of industry can continue to expolit others and violate the human rights of others. This kind of mentality will bring agitation in the minds of workers and one day they will react vehemently, which will culmiate in utter distruction of law and order. They may not even hesitate to murder the murderers of basic human rights. so my humble request before the world of free minds are this
1. Force the Qatar to uphold the freedom of individual and freedom of expression, where by the a nation of free citizen will come up.
2. Ensure the abolishion of sposorship laws of Qatar and Middle East to ensure the freedom of worker to do any job as he likes and thus he won't be sent out from a country for the expoitation he has pointed out or written about.
3. The monarchial government, which amalgamate wealth by utilising the minerals of Nation, which belongs to people, should shed their power and people should be made the ultimate authority to decide their future and events.
4. The FIFA should cancel the events if the QATAR doesn't bring desired changes in their country and give the events to other Nations which support the freedom.
5. Forward this to ALJazeera, the Channel regidtered in QATAR and evaluate their response to the freedom of expression, which they demand in other countries and show to other world the irregularities and slavery of other nationals.
6. The Insitutions that violate the human rights in future should be stopped functioning and we shouldn't allow those agenices to give education in anypart of the world. Because it will bring slavish mentality and cruel reactions in the mind of studetns and the future nations have to spend a lot of money for controlling these fellows due to false educataion given to them.
Hope the readers will rise up from their slumber and bring changes in the world as desired by free human beings. We are not born to slavery but born to live with freedom and let freedom alone determine the life of a human. This will bring peace and tranqulity and progress in the Nations. I wish to hear the reactions and your suggestions to this blog.
Shibu K.P.
Qualification: B.A. (Economics), M.A. (Sociology), SET (Sociology), B.Ed., M.Ed. (Education).
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