Saturday, February 19, 2011

MES Indian School's Education is a MESS. So BEWARE of It

Dear Parents,

It is my obligation to write about my observation over there in MES Indian School regarding the education imparted over there. The academic inspector Mr.Shamsudhin invited me for a talk and asked me whether you have come here to correct this school? I answered ‘yes’. Then he vehemently stated that we don’t want any correction and we will be like this for ever. It was a statement from one of the representative of the management. I don’t know his qualification and I haven’t heard him as a teacher in my whole career. But he claims to be an academic inspector. That is the tragedy of MES Indian school, unqualified and business mentality people mange the affairs at the top level. They think education is meant for business and imparting a mess up education is their mission.

So the parents have to be cautious in getting admission in this school. The MES Indian School is the worst school I have ever worked in my whole career as a teacher. That is why when they gave me termination on flimsy reason of writing a blog and complaining about the human right violation, I readily accepted it and came out. Because I don’t want to be part of a wrong system and impart mess up education to future children. Education is my profession and I will impart it to right person to build up a better tomorrow. This is my oath as a teacher. But the students those who study over there in MES Indian School, will become most undisciplined and notorious criminals in their lives. The good child will become bad and the worse due to MES Indian School. That is the experience I got from there as class teacher and teacher in various standards. So my own colleagues resigned and came to Kerala to impart good education to their children and not to be part of that wrong system. As long as this school remains in the hands of present management, it is not going to come out from its present slumber and undisciplined manner. Because they were notorious children in their childhood and went to gulf with their notorious attitude and gained money from their business. So they consider the education as a realm to be notorious and amalgamate wealth by imparting the same education they learned in their childhood.

So the hidden agenda is clear in their mind. As they had experienced and learned mess up education in their childhood, they will give same education now-a-days and spoil other generations also. So that others won’t grow higher than them. Therefore the parents have to be very cautious in getting admission in these institutions for their children. It is certain that your ward will be spoiled. And they will be getting one-sided education due to single sex education, which will have severe impact in their personality development and interactions in the society. This will create lot of impact in their development and progress as human being in this modern world. The education is the only means to improve your present condition and get along in this modern world. If your ward has not learned the correct education in their childhood, they are not going to learn it in their future. And at the end they will turn against you in your old age, because they have not learned anything good in their childhood. Instead they have learned disrespect, disobedience and undisciplined with a mentality of fighting with their colleagues. So they continue the same thing in their life. As you learn you will behave. If you have learned right thing you will show that and if you learn the wrong thing you will certainly depict that in your life.

Therefore it is my humble advice that don’t gets an admission for your child in this school and try to get an admission in some other good school. You may be forced to spend more but that is a good investment for the future. Please don’t give the mess up education to your child. You spoil your child and next generation and future of a person and a Nation. THINK before you ACT. If you are intending to get admission in MES Indian School THINK hundred times before you ACT. Because MES Indian School is not going to change for its better with the present management and it will be a MESS for EVER, which will meet its natural extinction in near future. They won’t give either good education or co-education, which will correct your child in his development. Instead they will give mess up education and buy more money from your pocket for other amenities they pretend to provide over there. Thus you will lose your money and get a spoiled child at the end. You are free to have your own conclusions and decisions. But I stated the fact, which I observed and experienced over there. If you are intelligent you will take the right decision otherwise you will show what you are. All the best.

Shibu K.P.

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