Monday, February 28, 2011

MES Indian School, Doha, Qatar and Its activities from the eyes of Teacher.

Dear Readers,

I was a teacher in senior section of MES Indian School for social Science and I would say that the MES Indian School is the worse School; I have ever worked in my career as teacher for 16 years. Why there is this tragedy in the MES Indian School? It is because the Management and the Principal are not interested in improving the learning environment of the School. This school doesn’t have any modern facilities of imparting individual attention to the students; instead it employs the olden method of common education with bench and desk. This system creates lot of indiscipline in the class, where by the teachers and students struggles to maintain the learning environment in the class. The teachers resort to cruel method of imposing discipline and manage to teach some and the sheer luck and individual effort of the students makes the result shining. In the words of Principal himself given to Press release “Besides, hard work, encouragement from teacher and parents alike, self motivation were behind their sterling performance in last year’s Board Exam. Common thread that connects these high achievers is that they ardently believe in systematic study and a good understanding of the subjects.” This shows the child is capable of attaining high result, if he is given admission in good school and right environment. It is not the school or the teachers that makes the result shining, but the sheer efforts of the students to learn nicely. So the parents shouldn’t spoil the future of your child by getting admission in MES Indian School. There was a talk among the teachers that the good students are deserting the MES Indian School and near future it will be an abode of all rough and undisciplined students especially Muslims who are interested in something else other than education and learning. If you check the toppers list in recent years of MES Indian School, you can understand that the list includes more non-Muslims students in it. This clearly tells the message to you that MES is shining well due to non-Muslims students and it comes from the nature of students. The parents of non-Muslim students are more educated and their children excel well in studies. If so why should you give your good child along with undisciplined and morally depleted Children of Muslims?

The students who started their studies in India and came to MES Indian School in their 6th or 7th standard tell us a different story. They were very good students in their home country and were excelling in their studies with their good friends over there. And when they came to MES Indian School, they became the worse and it shows the influence of peer groups in that school. Even if the teachers, who like to correct this system, take action, they will be sidetracked by the unqualified management teachers over there. And the management will be sending out the teacher who has tried to correct that system. Because these students will be having connections with management and they will complain about the teacher and say that it is the mistake of the teacher. He/She is inefficient to maintain the discipline and impart education effectively in the classroom. Actually in every class there will be five to ten students who are undisciplined and they will be influencing all other students of that class and make the class a mess. Therefore the future of MES Indian School is so pathetic and parents of good Children irrespective of their religion needs to think about it seriously and find good School for their children. Otherwise the future of your child will be at stake. As one child shared his pathetic experience with me, I would say that in future the parents will be the one of most disliked human beings in their life and they will not hesitate to desert you or kill you even for destroying their future. There are good Schools in Qatar in comparison with MES Indian School, so you can find admission in these schools and give better education to your ward. Earlier is the better. And I shared this important information with you because I want good education to prevail and good students to come up in the Society. We cannot make good mangoes by keeping it with decayed one; instead we will be making good mangoes by placing it with good ones. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL?

Shibu K.P.

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