Thursday, March 8, 2012

Indian Money in Swiss Bank

Dear Readers,
The swiss bank on October 31, 2011 gave official information to govenement of India regarding the top india's top healthy account details. The details are following
Name Account Amount in Indian Rupee
Rajeev Ratna Gandhi IN-155869-256648-102011 1,98,356 crores
Amalmuthu Raja IN-256589-010125-125488 7,856 crores
Harshad Mehta IN-959666-021465-255614 1,35,121 crores
Sharad Govindrao Pawar IN-121558-124588-125488 28,956 crores
Palaniappan ChidambaramIN-252684-451215-125683 33,451 crores
Suresh Kalmadi IN-856448-120201-235454 5,560 crores
Muthvel Karunanidhi IN-918541-231548-412587 35,009 crores
Ketan Parekh IN-856479-265689-412458 8,256 crores
Chirang Jayesh Mohini IN-102012-128458-105555 96,455 crores
Kalanidhi Maran IN-254122-457895-124512 15,090 crores

These account details have to checked by the Indian government and their tax payment along with source of money have to checked. All these details have to be returned to Swiss bank by Indian government before March 31, 2012. It seems a clear conspiracy is going on against India regarding the money at Swiss bank. Why the Swiss Bank doesn't return that money in their save heavens to Indian government? Are the Indian government serious enough to get back their money as early as possible to Indian Bank by arresting the concerned person here in India. If they have looted Indian people, it belongs to India only. SO the persons named in this category will face sever consequence in their life. Because the looted money will never benefit them in their long run. One day they will be thrown out to street and asked to behave. That is the strength of democracy. Otherwise a bloody revolution will take place against those people who are perpetrators of the bribe and corruption. Let good things happen in one's life by eliminating a corrupt person form here on Earth. Let those people's children face the consequences of the act of their forefathers. So the people of India need to teach a lesson to those people involved in this heinous crime by not voting for these political people and their parties and desert them to street. In the street they will face the consequence of their action and become a lesson to the coming generations. Now Work for the betterment of the society and leave these kinds of rogues for m our lives. Who minds them in our public life. SO the organisations that entertain these kinds of people need to either dismiss them form their organisation of get destroyed along with them. All the best for the right action. Anyhow one day people will react to these kinds of menace in the society.
Shibu K.P.

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