Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Inflation of Prices in Kerala and Its Causes

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The prices of consumer items are going up enormously. And the malayalee is simply sitting at home complaining about this price hike. They hesitate to act or work. This inflation is brought out by malayalee only. Their political sense to fight against traders and punish those who inflate the price is gone forever. So now the trader is the king. They hike the price of the commodity according to their whims and fancies. They purchase goods at lower price form the farmer and the producer of primary goods never gets their due share in this price hike. So the agriculture always becomes a business of loss. Because of this many won’t venture into this business where by the production will be controlled and the price hike is possible. This situation is cleverly brought out by the traders only. And the people are reluctant to protest against these traders and force the government to act against the traders. The government can easily bring price control through its village officers and other staff employed in its nook and corner. The trader who violates the law of government has to be penalised for his illegal trading and prices. But the people and government are in slumber. The people can easily loot the trader and force the government to look into this matter with immediate effect. But the people won’t do that. They will simply sleep at home and die at their home thinking that it is their fate. So I have following suggestion to all our friends to act.

1. Force the government to enact a law where by the government get the power to control the price of essential commodities and make it mandatory to publish those prices in the main news papers and other mass media communication like radio. TV etc...

2. The government can determine the price of commodities in accordance with its cost of production, transportation and 10% profit for the producer and trader. The middle men in between the producer and trader can be avoided or they can share the 10% profit of trader.

3. Create a social committee consist of the representative of consumers, farmers, traders, transportation, bureaucracy, representative of the people and judiciary to determine the prices of the essential commodities. This committee can get the advices from experts and people from other walks of life.

4. Ensure that the price determined by the government is only charged by the trader in their outlet through its village and panchayath offices. If the trader is charging more amount than determined by the government, penalise them with three to five times more the amount they have charged from the consumer.

5. Give free registration to all the traders and cancel their registration if they found violating the law and those persons involved in the violation will never be allowed to do the trading in their life. The government can take over those shops and hand over to co-operative societies formed by the local people, who are willing to conduct the trade.

Apart from the inaction of the government in involving price control, the laziness of women to work in their home garden has contributed a lot to this inflation. Now the women folk simply sit at their home and watch TV after their morning activities. They never involve in the production of vegetable, eggs and goat farming for the milk. The production of vegetable can be easily implemented in any home with sack cultivation technique of growing vegetable. But he social structure and culture is that women enjoy more freedom and protection of law and society in order to live a comfortable life at the cost of opposite sex in their home.

Another aspect is that Kerala people want to make money without production and only by service. So they engage in real estate business, share market, illegal banking and contracting the construction etc...This also caused the inflation. SO THINK.

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