Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to Stop Corruption?

Dear Readers,
How to stop corruption? This was a haunting question for me for many years. After profound thinking and reflexion I would like to put forward a suggestion to the general public that corruption can be stopped overnight by a single legislation. The parliament of India has to pass a constitutional law where by the person, who takes bribes form the people for any service rendered to that person, is dismissed from the office, whether it is bureaucratic or executive, legislative and judicial. If the person is dismissed from the office then other colleagues of him will think twice before he/she takes the bribes from common man. It is only through this draconian law we can eradicate corruption form the democratic government. Otherwise the democratic government will be the most corrupt institution ever the world has witnessed in its history. So in order to avoid this catastrophe we need to pass this draconian law and it can't be questioned any court of law as long as the democracy exist in a country. Then naturally the question emerges who will be the person decide that a person is guilty of the corruption or not. Actually it is better decided by the consumer itself and nobody else. The consumer can register the case with the civil court where the representative of the local ward member either in panchayat or muncipalities are included and other members of civil court will be the social worker of that locality, religious leader of majority religion, bureaucratic representative and judicial representative. The decision of this body will be final and it will be implemented by the government. If this law come into force automatically the corruption will end by itself. usually thee will be great hue and cry against this draconian law which has to be side tracked and allow and encourage the civil local authority to function well. If this is the case then they will be more cautious in their dealing and poor man will get justice fast. Once a person is removed from the office next person is recruited to that post from the Psc list from which that person is appointed.
This law won't be passed by the legislatures of the Nation,instead the public has to demand it form parliament through their constant effort and strike against the parliament to pass this law. The political parties and the bureaucracy are the corrupt fellows in the modern India. so we cannot rely on the investigation of the executive persons Therefore the people can investigate the case and present the matter before the civil court with regard to the person involved in the case. The modern world is so advanced that the person wants to book the corrupt person can do it with modern cadgets and methods. This law will give an impetus to the public to complain and sent the corrupt bureucrat or legislature home. If the member of the legislature is dismissed from the office the second person who got the largest vote will be sent to the legislature and it will be repeated as per the order. The Government is not constituted not on the basis of the party but on the basis of the elected representatives. Once elected, the members of legislature will be divided as two sections such as ruling section and opposition section. This section rule the country for the fixed period. In this way we can avoid the destability of the government on the basis of the corruption charges and aviod election on the basis of dismissal of one or two persons from the office.

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