Saturday, January 1, 2011

India and Its Progress in Future

Dear Readers,
The gulf between the rich and poor has grown over the years. Some parts of India and some groups of Indians have benefited a great deal from economic development. They live in a large houses and dine in expensive restaurants, send their children to expensive private schools and take expensive foreign holidays. At the same time many others continue to live below the poverty line. Housed in urban slums, or living in remote villages on lands that yield little, they cannot afford to send their children to school. The constitution recognizes equality before law but in real life some Indians are more equal than others. Judged by the standards it set itself at independence, the Republic of India has not been a great success. But it has not been a failure either.
As Mahatma Gandhi's follower Mira Behn wrote in 1949, by "science and machinery mankind may get huge returns for a time, but ultimately will come desolation. We have got to study Nature's balance, and develop our lives within her laws, if we are to survive as a physically healthy and morally decent species". So I would say that the future of India lies in the river linking projects which is very much related to agriculture. Over the years we have given more emphasis to Industries and traders. Now they are looting the people and only a few people become rich and majority becomes poor. But if we give emphasis to primary sector then majority will get benefit of it. For this the land requires the water, which can be easily given to our land by linking the rivers through canal system. Let the Ganga and Brahmaputra be linked to other parts of the country. If we try to link Ganga to Maharastra, then all barren lands of Madhya Pradesh and Vidharba will get fertile and people will become more rich and and the trade will increase in India itself.
In order to execute this projects we need to have strong national spirit and be able to think above the parochial considerations. Along with this emphasis we need to give more importance to education, then only people can utilize modern method and improve their agricultural production. This will certainly increase better progress and development of the Nation. Hope the readers will aspire for this realization of a future developed India and work for it to attain it with in our life span. Your suggestions are most welcome.
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