Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Qatar Shobuldn't be allowed to participate in the Bid for 2022 World Cup

Dear Readers,
It is my high opinion that Qatar shouldn't be allowed to participate in the World cup bid of 2022. Because it propagates the modern slavery under the name of sponsorship of workers and allow its citizens to gain lot of money under this draconian law. It is unfair that a worker has to pay sponsorship fee to a citizen of this country. The worker comes here to earn his livelihood out of the sweat of his/her forehead. If so, the Qatar doesn't have the right to accumulate wealth in the name of a foreign worker. We have to realize the fact that 90% of Qatar's population is migrant workers and the citizens of Qatar simply sit at home and earn money out the hard earned money of the foreign worker through sponsorship. The modern democratic world should not encourage this country, which thrive on the money from the slavery. So the modern educated and democratic world should insist that Qatar has to renounce this draconian law in order to participate in the World cup bid of 2022 in this December. The sporting event shouldn't come to a country which encourages the slavery. Why they insist on the sponsorship law, which states that the employee has to get the permission from the sponsor to work in this country and leave this country. It is because of their fear that their own act of violence in the form of modern slavery and support to terrorist group by giving financial aid and communication support through its national media may turn into their own destruction. The sponsorship law shows the inefficiency of its police and other departments in dealing with the persons of law violators. It also shows the lack of faith in other human beings . who were brought here in the name of work and other related field. Actually the Qataries are taking up the slaves form other moderns democratic countries and insisting upon the foreign nationals a system of slavery. This has to be stopped by the world community. No nation has the right to exploit the citizens of other Nations under any law. If a person has come her to work, he is free to work her as long as he obeys the universal justifiable laws of the country and he/she is also free to leave this country, if he finds that the present jobs doesn't suit his life and qualification. So let the sporting event may be given to the Nations, which supports the freedom and free trade in the modern global economy. Apart from that the Qatar insist that all the trade can be started here under WLL (With Limited Liability) system, where by the Qatar nationalities will get half of the profit made by the owner and manager of the business. This is unfair system of trade and clear injustice done to the persons, who engage in business. So the lovers of freedom and democracy unite together air your views regarding this law of Qatar. And force them to change the law before the bid take place in DECEMBER,2010.

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