Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Publication of the Book for the Change of system and Institutions

Dear Readers,
It is very difficult to change an exisiting system eventhough it is rotten to its core. Because people consider that exisitng system is more comfortable than the system going to come.Otherwise people are not ready to correct thei age old traditions and customs eventhough there are wrong and not updated. This is very much true with regard to the religon. The God has not established any Religion instead the human being have established Religion in order to conduct a business with people in the name of their faith and religious practices. These practices are charged by the priests of every Religion in order to maintain their life. This system of trading the faith of faithful has to be eradicated among the people. For this the people has to realize that God is loving and have more concern towards you rather than the human being. So an ordinary human being doesn't require any intermediary between that person and God. The human has to learn this new method of living in this world. So dear readers think and act and have good relatioship with the almighty.

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