Monday, November 8, 2010

Co-Education and Social Acceptance

Dear Readers,
The co-education is the key stone of education of a human being as a social person. We, the human beings, exist here on Earth as male and female. There is no other possibility for us to continue to exist here on Earth with out the co-operation of these two sexes. But the dichotomy is that humans perceived things on the basis of status and sex of female gender. The humans give more importance to female gender under the pretension that their life is taken care of by the male section of the society. The society never sees that this is a trap played by the wealthy section of the society to utilize the female genders for their pleasure and not to allow other lower section of the humans in terms of money to come in contact with the female gender of their category. In order to perpetuate this ideology and maintain their status this section of the society perpetuate boys only or girls only schools in the countries of their own. And they give collaborative evidence to show that girls only school performs much better than the co-educated school. But the parents of these girls only and boys only schools never realize that their child failed to integrate their personality and live in collaboration with opposite sex with respect and mutual understanding. The result is that their life becomes unimodal with out any adjustment and understanding how the opposite sex react and think about the realities of life. The end result is that their life become unadjustable and necessarily end up in divorce in marriage and egoistic in social life. This may give good pasturing field to the wealthy and needy in terms of sex and counselling and consolation.
So my suggestion is that the parents should teach their children only in the co-educated schools only. As a social science teacher of boys only school in the Qatar, I have the strong opinion that the children learn the social life in a better way in co-educated schools. And more importantly they learn the discipline of their life and mature behavior in co-educated schools only. It is not the grade that determine the worth of a human being instead it is the social utility and mature behaviour based on mutual respect to opposite sex contribute to the progress of the Nation and society. The boys and girls will have lot of prejudices which is not based on the reality and these prejudices will destroy the smooth life of the family and societal life. So never give up your age old societal life and encourage the insecure nuclear life, which suits well to the wealthy and rich in the society. Therefore friends unite together and lead a societal life based on dignity and mutual respect to each other and our race will progress to its richness in times to come. So encourage the co-education and discourage the the single sex education which is based on status, prejudices and more importance to sex of the human being, which has its deep roots in the religious notion as sin of Christianity. The normal human being is above these things and live a life of dignified human being here on Earth.

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