Monday, September 28, 2015

Job For all Citizen of India

Job For all Citizen of India
Dear Readers,
I propose to establish an association named Serve Human  Associates, which will ensure that all citizens of India get employment in government sector once in their life time. In order to achieve this aim I propose changes in the existing scenario and rules and regulation which govern the present bureaucracy.  If the tax is levied on all by the government and it is collected from everybody’s money to run its affairs then the government belong to all. Whoever contributes to the existence of one structure that structure belong to them.  So It doesn’t belong to certain politicians in the name of Member of Parliament, legislature and to bureaucrats in the name of government employees and judiciary in the name of permanent judges.  For this there should be basic laws that should be enacted by the parliament and accepted by majority of the people by referendum.  In this venture the first law should be like this.
1.    Whoever contributes tax to the government should get four years of government service in his life time from the age of 21 – 65.
2.    In order to create opportunities to all abolish the permanent employment as it is given today to bureaucracy, judiciary.
3.    Create evaluation after every four year and give one more extension to an individual based on the performance.
4.    If any person is involved in the corrupt practices of bribe, cancel his job as member of legislature, bureaucracy, Judiciary.
5.    Appoint the person based on the choice given by  the person in written  in accordance withhis ability and education.
6.    Every citizen should register with Public service commission and based on their score in the Class X, Class XI & XII and three years of Degree and professional qualification, a person is given appointment on priority basis.
7.    All Citizen of India should have minimum pension of Rs.5000/- after the age of 65.
If such thing exists here in India, then our unemployment will come down to a great extent and the people will have proper education and students will study better in every field. Otherwise corruption and bureaucratic hegemony with red tapism  and pride will determine the course of action. Which in turn will destroy the democracy and dictatorship with utte chaotic situation will emerge in India. This will disintegrate India to different pieces and whole nation will have a situation of poverty with communal violence and internal war.
If you don’t want this situation join hands with Human Service Association and Save Human being and Save India
My Contact Number: 9446128322

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