Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rajagiri, The Chaotic World Where irresponsibleness Prevail

Who should be informed?

Dear Readers,

Today I went for an interview in the famous School over Kalamassery, which is known as Rajagiri Higher Secondary. The gate man of the school told me that there is no interview in that school and you have to enter for any queries through another gate which is just 1.5 Kms away from this gate. I told him that the school authorities called me personally for the interview and there is interview for my social science subject. But he was unwilling and did not permit me to enter through that gate. So I drove my motor bike towards other gate, which I have to ask many people to find the real way through a narrow gully. At last I reached over there after ten minutes struggle.

When I approached the reception, the girl told me there is no interview in this school, It might be in other school. I told her that the gate man of that school did not permit me to enter in that school by stating the same. At last I gave the number of telephone, who had called me for the interview. Then she told me that it is not of Rajagiri Public school, instead it is the number of Rajagiri Higher Secondary School. Now I became sure about the school, because the caller identified himself as Rajagiri School only. He even did not mention his name. Then I went to the office of the Rajagiri Higher secondary School, The office boy immediately called the person in charge and told me that the interview is scheduled in the other School named as Rajagiri Public School. I told him that receptionist of that school told me to come to this school for the interview. Again he phoned up and informed me that interview is scheduled at 1.30 p.m. in that school only, so you have to go to Rajagiri Public school. Again I approached the former receptionist and told her that interview is scheduled here. She was reluctant to accept me and wants confirmation for this interview. The adamant nature of the receptionist annoyed me, even then I controlled my emotion and requested her to confirm. At last she asked me to wait in the visitor’s room.

As I was waiting in the Visitor’s room, one candidate came over there after the interview. So now I was certain that interview is taking place. But there was no call for me at 1.30 p.m. I waited upto 2.00 p.m. Even then there was no call for the interview. Then I approached the same receptionist and asked her about my interview. She told me that she is not aware about the interview and don’t know anything about it. The Rajagiri Higher Secondary School may be utilising the class room of this school, but I am not informed of it and aware about it. So I again went to other school named Rajagiri Higher Secondary School and met the sir incharge of the interview. He was talking to the students in the office and I approached him and asked about the interview. He then immediately stood up and told me that he will constitute the board now and take the interview. I told him that I was waiting here from 1.00 p.m. onwards and there was no call for me from anywhere else. It shows that you are not prepared to take my interview. Then he told me that he came in search of me at 1.30 p.m. but did not see me in the Rajagiri Higher secondary office. Then I told him that the office boy and receptionist asked me to wait in the visitor’s room of Rajagiri Public School. And all this indicate that you are not keen in searching for the candidate and counter checking with the informer regarding the person. And you were careless about your own duty. And I don’t want to be part of such chaotic institution. Therefore I am quitting from this institution. Thus I didn’t give my interview and came out of the school.

I wrote this blog in order to point out the common mistake we make in our assessment regarding an assignment.

1. We fail to inform the last section of people in a chain, especially the gate keeper and receptionist. We avoid them in our life and consider them as mere workers and not as family member or co-worker.

2. Since they are avoided and not considered by the school authorities, they show this same disrespect to others who approach them. They are not informed about the school activities and they are considered as mere employees, so they show the same attitude to others and tell that they are also not concerned about the events of school and unaware of what is happening here.

3. This gives the impression to the public and candidate who come to join over there that this institution is not functioning properly and nobody is responsible here.

4. The callous attitude is reflected in the organizers of the interview that they are not concerned about the candidate and interview. They constitute the interview board for one interview and after some time they constitute another board for next interview. This gives an annoying spirit and temper among the interview board members and the interviewee will be tortured as a result of this torture of the interview board members.

5. The person in charge of interview take things for granted that even if he/she behave in a callous attitude, nothing is going to happen. The school will function as it is. This attitude is created by the general prevailing non-responsible behaviour of institutional authorities. Nobody cares for anybody. Each one is engaged in their own worlds and show selfishness in their attitude and behaviour.

6. This is the general picture I got form Rajagiri. So I decided not to be part of irresponsible world. I will be merely waisting my time and energy with the hope that things will better as time moves on. We can see these general callous attitudes in any Christian institution due to the non-commitment of the mangers and staff towards that Institution.

7. This non-commitment is created by the organization. This reflects that the members of that organisation are selfish to their core and not-concerned about others. They are not happy with that organisation and not really believe in the ideology of that organisation. So the staff members working with them imbibed this attitude and show it in their lives.

8. I wrote this blog to instruct the readers to be aware about the general callous non-responsible attitude and behaviours we show in our daily life. This gives bad impressions and keeps good people away from us. This also creates a world where nobody is concerned about others in this world. This isolation in the midst of the public is the common phenomenon in Keralite society. If this is not treated properly, then the love and concern will vanish and utilitarianism and hedonism will prevail. This will result in the destruction of age old values of concern, love and care, which will end up in killings and suicide.

Your views and opinion are solicited.


Shibu K.P.


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